Pressed Chair by Harry Thaler for Moormann. The stress tests…

In addition to the film showing the creation of the Pressed Chair prototype, 20th Century Moormann have also released two films showing the stress tests Pressed Chair was subjected to.

Films that beautifully underline the humour, passion and spirit of adventure that defines Nils Holger Moormann as both designer and producer.


Kaffee-Dusche by Christopher Supardjo at UdK Berlin Rundgang 2012

It could be the perfect accompaniment to Schwarz auf Weiss by Jenni-Fee Hahn.

Kaffee-Dusche by Christopher Supardjo is a coffee maker where time isn’t of the essence. And the coffee brewed definitely isn’t “to go”.

Crafted from wood and brass Kaffee-Dusche offers not only the olfactory experience of the coffee being prepared, but you can also visually follow the process.

And with its oil burner you also have that congenital security and tranquillity that fire brings to the human soul.

Light the burner, brew some coffee, write a letter …. Facebook can wait!

Kaffee-Dusche by Christopher Supardjo was created as part of the “Aufgebrüht” course at the UdK Berlin and was displayed as part of the Rundgang 2012.



Literary weightlifting at the UdK Berlin Rundgang 2012

No it’s not a typo.

It is weightlifting with books.

Created as part of the UdK Berlin’s “Design Basics” course which all students have to go through, we really liked this set of dumbbells where you add your own weight in the form of books.

Not only do we like the fact that it is a convenient set of dumbbells, nor that it is a resource light, sustainable set of dumbbells. It is also a really, really nice book storage system.

And so if you get tired of weightlifting…. you’ve still got an attractive bookcase.

We sadly couldn’t find the name of the responsible designer. Apologies.

Bauhaus University Weimar Summaery 2012: Seviri by Ronja Leine & Elisa Kirbst

Created as part of the “Lernen Kochen und Essen” module which concerned itself, more or less, with how one could integrate school meals more into the wider curriculum, Seviri by Ronja Leine & Elisa Kirbst is the most ingenious tray design we’ve seen for a long time.

But to be honest, we don’t see that much tray design work.

If you’ve got an institution such as a school - or any works canteen - chances are all your glasses and crockery have the same dimensions.

Seviri takes this point and transforms the dimensions into a simple tray made out of  bent 5mm wire.


Less resources required, less storage space required, less washing of trays required.

And we believe it ticks all 10 of Dieter Rams boxes….

Egon Eiermann Table Frame - More versatile than you might think….

The Egon Eiermann table frame is without question one of the simplest designs you can imagine.

Which makes it all the more fascinating that students at the Weissensee Kunsthochschule Berlin managed to find an alternative way to use it.

The photo isn’t the best, but we’re sure you get the idea…..

New Order Exhibition @hbcberlin

Until July 4th .hbc Berlin is hosting an exhibition dedicated to New Order - or better put dedicated to Kevin Cummins’ photography of New Order and Peter Saville’s art work for New Order.

We’ve got something very special planned for (smow)blog next week… but here a few quick impressions from the exhibition.

DMY Berlin 2012 - Greenhouse to go by Studio Besau-Marguerre

We first met Eva Marguerre at DMY Berlin 2009 where she was presenting her NIDO stool.
An object that was subsequently to stalk us for the next 12 months.
Wherever we turned up. There it was.

Wonderful as it is. You can have too much of a good thing.

After moving to Hamburg Eva established Studio Besau-Marguerre with Marcel Besau, and the pair have gone on to develop some very interesting projects.

The MOA collection, for example, only just missed out on the DMY Award 2011, was however snapped up by Paris based manufacturer Petite Friture.

And their “Greenhouse to go” has now been nominated for the Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland

A new take on the somewhat jaded terrarium, the press material to “Greenhouse to go” tells a wonderful tale of it being developed so that in the future we can transport plants to other planets.

That as may be.

We’re just enjoying the delightful aesthetic of the object - we’re thinking faux Victorian - and the consideration if one could also use it to keep stick insects and ladybirds in…..

Tic-Tac box v2.0. As it were.

But regardless how you view it, Greenhouse to go by Studio Besau-Marguerre is a delightful project and a worthy further development of Eva and Marcel’s portfolio.

DMY Berlin 2012 - Bakzit by Fermetti for Atelier belge

We’ve said it.

Lucas Verweij has said it.

And the evidence is everywhere.

Design is an attitude. Not a profession.

Bakzit by Fermetti for Atelier belge is without question the best chair we’ve seen at DMY Berlin 2012.

Its not big, its not clever. Its not especially innovative.

It was created for a specific function. And not only does that perfectly, but does so in a delightful style.

We couldn’t have created it.

We’re not designers………

DMY Berlin 2012 - We’ve arrived….
… as ever with the most impressive vehicle.

First reports real soon.

Bauhaus Dessau: Marcel Breuer – Design and Architecture
If we weren’t already so paranoid, we’d probably start thinking Erich Consemüller’s “Marcel Breuer and his Harem” was following us.

First it turns up at Bauhaus: Art as Life @ Barbican Art Gallery London

And now at “Marcel Breuer – Design and Architecture” @ Bauhaus Dessau.

We’re off to an exhibition opening at the Bauhaus Archive Berlin soon… We admit to trepidation!

Doing pretty much what the title promises, the Bauhaus Dessau summer exhibition explores Marcel Breuer’s work in two, separate, sections.

His design work is explored more or less chronological, a concept that allows one to wonderfully follow his development from wood and onto metal.

The architecture section meanwile explores different facets of his oeuvre through representative models, photographs and sketches.

Our full report will be published at very soon

"Marcel Breuer – Design and Architecture" @ Bauhaus Dessau runs until October 31st 2012